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The highest quality products to enhance your life and performance.


Since 2009 we’ve taken pride in developing sports nutrition products on the forefront of innovation and quality to enhance your life and performance. The highest quality ingredients in amounts that are clinically effective cost more money, this typically results in a more expensive product for you to purchase as a customer. By opting to stay out of retail stores and sell directly to you online we are able to offer the most affordable prices while maintaining the highest quality that we have built our reputation on. No middleman, no retailer, that’s how DYNAMIS provides you with the highest quality products at the most affordable price.

Less than 1% return rate with our 100% money back guarantee

No instances of product recalls or government regulatory issues

High brand loyalty and customer retention with amazing customers who have supported us since our inception

Zero positive drug tests in athletes taking our products during competition at the Olympic, professional, and amateur levels.

No cases of legal action against DYNAMIS from a consumer or competing company

Honest, premium sports supplements proudly made in Canada. That's the DYNAMIS difference.