[ δύναμις ] from Greek dunamis - Marvelous power, force, might, ability, or energy.


Our Purpose:

To elevate the lives of our customers with approachable, trusted nutrition products.


Dynamis Nutrition was founded in 2009 with the purpose of improving lives with approachable, quality supplements that people can trust.


Rather than manufacturing the same commodity products, trying to compete on price point, or utilizing misleading marketing tactics to differentiate from other brands, DYNAMIS products are designed a step above. DYNAMIS is not a multi-level marketing company, and we don't produce products based on the latest fad, we are a nutrition and lifestyle brand that develops quality supplements and functional food products that you can trust to enhance your activity, sport, or outdoor adventure.


Our products are formulated with an “all-in-one” approach with our customers’ best interest as the cornerstone. Supplementing with 1 DYNAMIS product will effectively replace at least 3 commonly purchased products from other companies. This saves you money, avoids confusion, and means we don’t resort to pseudoscience or misinformation to sell our products over other brands. Based on the synergy of multiple ingredients to achieve a specific goal, our products optimize the body’s physiology for high performance and accelerate results while benefitting long term health.

Despite the ever-changing trends in the fitness industry, we remain true to our purpose. To produce the highest quality supplements for health conscious individuals looking to achieve their next level in athletic performance, long term health, and quality of life. Since 2009, all DYNAMIS products are formulated based on valid and reliable human clinical trials, our products won’t change unless the science tells us they need to.

[ δύναμις ] from Greek dunamis

- Marvelous power, force, might, ability, or energy.