Tanya Frew

 Certified Personal Fitness Trainer (CPFT) and Pro Fitness Model in Calgary, AB.

 Height: 5’5"          Weight: 123 lbs

Tanya's Stack: Next Level Stack

IGNITION xT is part of my morning and afternoon ritual (both training & non-training days). It helps me with focus, energy and provides me with that extra push (fat burning) during all my competition preps and maintenance of healthy lifestyle on & off season. REFUEL s6k is the best tasting flavorful natural protein on the market & mixes AWESOME it’s filled with the essential building blocks for the lean bikini body I maintain. I can add it anything and can create all sorts of healthy recipes ON & OFF season to keep me fuelled, full, and HAPPY. AMINOpulse helps me keep those lean GAINZZZ of speeds recovery so I can push it every day!

About Tanya:

Originally from small town Medicine Hat, Tanya now considers herself a Calgarian after residing here over the past 12 years. Being a heavier teenager Tanya never expected to become a Personal Trainer or even a Bikini model.  Most recently achieving her goal of  being published in Inside Fitness Magazine 100 Hot & Fit .

Tanya is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer graduate and is running her own Personal Training and Online Training business for the last 5 years - TF Training.  Fitness has been a huge part of her adult life & she continues to evolve by taking on new challenges, by following her dreams, and inspiring those along the way.

Tanya began doing fitness & bikini competitions 3 ½ years ago, competing 9 times and placing in the top numerous times now, she continues to grow as a bikini competitor. She has learned so much about the body, mind, nutrition, posing and the science involved. She loves that there is always something new to learn in the fitness industry everyday.

“It’s such a great learning tool & inspiring to others…it’s what drives me”.

Her main goal is to pass on her knowledge, her experience and to help motivate others to reach for their goals. “Take what you learn, share it, pay it forward, and live a healthy consistent lifestyle customized to you, you’re life and for you’re success”. 

“I believe it’s important to work from the inside out by creating a good base (inside) to forming a long-term reward (outside)!”


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