Vicky Wilson

Pilates Teacher - Trainer - Online Trainer

Awards / Certifications

  • Pilates Mat Certified, 2006
  • Pilates Equipment Certified, 2011
  • Personal Trainer Specialist - CanFitPro, 2007
  • Tabata Bootcamp Certified Instructor, 2013
  • IDFA Athlete 2017 - Bikini, Fitness Model, Masters Bikini, Masters Fitness Model
  • 4th place IDFA Masters Fitness Model
  • 5th place IDFA Masters Bikini




"I love Ignition xT because it gives great energy for my workouts! It is also a great pick-me-up on days when I’m feeling a little sluggish! I love Refuel s6k because it tastes great! It mixes well with water, yogourt and in smoothies! Never grainy or lumpy. I use it for baking too! I love that it’s made with high quality New Zealand whey."

Following two careers, one as a hairdresser and one as a computer support technician, at the age of 41, I was a stay-at-home-mom with two young children. I started taking a Pilates class once a week and I fell in love with it! That was the beginning of my fitness journey. In 2006 I did my teacher training and became Certified as a Mat Pilates Teacher. In 2007 I certified as a Personal Trainer with CanFitPro to compliment my Pilates certification. I had the opportunity to teach at several different facilities including gyms, dance studios, recreation centres and Pilates & Yoga studios. In 2013 it was time to shake things up and step out of my comfort zone. I started doing bootcamps (something that always intimidated me!). I had a new found confidence and in 2015 I joined a Transformation Challenge that was sponsored by Dynamis. That truly changed my life and I learned that I was capable of so much more than I ever thought possible! That experience opened new doors for me and last year I competed in my first Fitness Competition at the age of 56! It was scary but exhilarating and I am so proud of myself for doing it! I look forward to competing again in the near future! I continue to teach Pilates, bootcamps as well as train clients. I am also working on growing my online business. I consider myself a Teacher as opposed to an instructor because my goal is to teach and empower others to continue on their own.