Transformations & Testimonials

DYNAMIS was started to help people achieve their next level.

Whether it is improved exercise performance, overall health, or reaching your fitness goals faster we love to hear about your experience with DYNAMIS products. Check out these real life transformations and testimonials of DYNAMIS products below and please send us your story if DYNAMIS products have helped you #AchieveYourNextLevel.

"I started using Dynamis products 3.5 years ago when my trainer and Dynamis athlete Tea Cuk introduced me to it. I was hooked right away because of the amazing taste the protein had, and it didn't give me that crazy gut rotting feeling after. As I continued my new lifestyle with fitness and clean eating I found using Dynamis absolutely helped with muscle gain, definition, less soreness and more energy. It's crazy what the right supplements can do, and I am also huge on only using natural products. Still to this day I have a protein shake twice a day once after I workout, I use it in a lot of my baking actually all my baking. I use the amino pulse everyday even if I don't workout, the ignition is great to start the day with that little extra but of energy! And now the fuel is here and it's an amazing pre workout! Using the whole line I have also noticed that if I indulge a little more here and there my body stays on point. Overall it's an amazing product line that has no doubt aided in reaching and sustaining my body and fitness goals!" - Jenny Meyers
"This is what happens when you take care of your body, work hard, and feed it proper nutrients and supplements. I always struggled with protein powders, pre-workouts, etc. pumping my body full of chemicals, dyes, and sweeteners and lacking proper vitamins my body needed for healing and growth. I was introduced to DYNAMIS, and changed my perspective on supplements and gave hope that I'm growing a healthy body. Building muscle and getting results with all natural products is possible! With strive for progress, DYNAMIS progress, a great coach, and patience, anything is possible!" - Lauren Chaffin
"I wasn’t raised with sport, I had no role models of health and active living, my parents were both inactive and were smokers. So instead of becoming one of the jocks or fit girls in school that I so admired, I shied away from any physical activity to save myself the embarrassment of my weak, incapable body. Fast forward several years when some of life’s adult challenges and experiences had channeled some wisdom and confidence my way, I began my journey to re-create myself as a fit person. As I began to brave group fitness classes, doing some strength training, and even running (now in full coverage shorts) my inner athlete began to shine through. For several years I grew as a marathon runner, then competitive squash player, personal trainer and fitness instructor. As hard as I worked, I also “lived” pretty hard; regularly indulging in hardcore socializing, food and wine. In my early 40s, I found myself a fat-fit person. I had great endurance and I was strong, but I was far from feeling great. Years of indulging and long-term chronic stress due to some difficult life circumstances had left me a little on the heavy side and I wasn’t well. This was my turning point…this was when that young insecure girl took her power and decided to do whatever it took to truly feel my best, to experience holistic wellness. This has been my most challenging, educational and rewarding journey of all. A few years in and I’m now a figure/bodybuilding competitor, a sponsored athlete, a yoga-enthusiast, and a certified holistic nutritionist. It’s become my passion to take as best care of my body as I can, so that it will in turn work best for me; improving my life physically, mentally and emotionally. This means fueling it with natural, real food and supplements, free of chemicals and toxins that will work against wellness rather than fostering it. Early in my journey to optimal health, I was thrilled to discover the Dynamis brand of pharmaceutical grade, organic, and additive and allergen-free supplements. To have a product line that supports my goals as a competitive athlete, while maintaining my integrity as a holistic nutritionist is a gift! In five years, I’ve supplemented with nothing these products, while placing in every competition I’ve entered. My family uses Dynamis and I recommend it to all my clients because when you fuel your body optimally, you are empowered physically and mentally to cope with and thrive in life. Want to be your best? Then put only the best fuel (food & supplements) into your body. It really is that simple." - Yvette Styner