Nadine Hyatt

Height: 5'8"          Weight: 140 lbs

As a young child, I envisioned myself being a ballerina or performing in the arts.  Although I did take ballet and some musical instrumental lessons, I ultimately developed into a well-rounded athlete with a fairly diverse athletic background.  With no fear of trying new things life granted opportunities to partake in sports from rugby, dragon boating and cheerleading to mixed martial arts. It was my desire to be great at MMA that lead me to move to Brazil and train with the best there, before coming back to compete as a well rounded athlete in Canada.

My passion now lies in figure modelling within the Ontario Physique Association.

Athleticism aside, I like to stay active, keep busy and always surround myself with positivity (a must in my life).  Being a Libra enables me to strive for balance in my life and although on the go more often than not, I do enjoy winding down and being pampered. Some consider me the epitome of a social butterfly; someone who welcomes challenges to better herself; someone who finds things that make her think.  Two values I hold close to me are honesty and communication.  Ultimately for me, everything else falls within these two categories.

Living on my own since I was 17 afforded me the opportunity to grow into my own at a young age.  I have been fortunate enough to travel many parts of the world solo, be it backpacking through Europe, exploring many islands or even journey from one coast to another in my own Country, Canada.   I am a summer girl through and through and absolutely love the outdoors!  You name the summer activity and I’m there!

Other Interesting Facts:


Favourite Supplements


When getting close to a competition or photo shoot, I take it right after rolling out of bed before starting my day and again in the early afternoon. I find it helps with energy and focus during training without feeling the effects of crashing later on.


Refuel not only helps build lean muscle mass, it is a great supplement for post workout recovery I find. One of my favourite meals is mixing a scoop of White Chocolate Brownie ReFuel with water and pouring it over my Cheerios, Rice Krispies or Special K!