Marissa Rodriguez

Height: 5'0"          Weight: 103 lbs

I am so thrilled and honoured to be joining the Dynamis Team!  My name is Marissa, but known to many as Mari.  I am Cuban-American and was born and raised in Miami, FL.  I now reside in Sherwood Park, AB and have been a Canadian resident for about 4 years.  I am a veterinarian by day, and a fitness fanatic the rest of the time! 

Growing up I had always been fairly active and was a dancer from a very young age.  I was captain of my high school dance team and then went on to dance for the Florida International University Dazzlers as co-captain and later assistant coach.  It wasn't until later on in life that I really became intrigued by the fitness industry.  It started off as a goal to be in the best shape of my life for my wedding, but turned into something far greater than that.  With the help of my coach Nadine Dumas with What It Takes! I developed a passion for the stage that continues to drive me today. 

I have competed in several shows now and have been fortunate enough to place, if not win, almost all of them.  Each and everyday I continue to learn more about nutrition, training, the human body, and more importantly my own body.  This competition season I hope to continue to improve on my physique so that I can bring my best package yet.  I am looking forward to representing Dynamis and promoting their fantastic, high quality products which are part of my everyday routine as I continue on my fitness journey!  Along the way I hope to also inspire and motivate others around me and help them believe that anyone and everyone has the potential to reach their goals and dreams no matter if they are fitness related or not.


Favourite Supplements

I start every morning with Ignition and Refuel.  Ignition gets me going and I can't go a day without my Dynamis Refuel Protein Powder!  It is so versatile and I can use it with simple shake recipes but also with baking and other creative treats. It not only tastes great but helps me get my protein in, keeps me full, and fuels my muscles!  I have recently been more consistent with adding AminoPulse to my stack, especially if I need to get a really early workout in and don't have time to have a pre-workout meal.  My muscles are maintaining fullness and I worry less about muscle catabolism from a fasted workout.