Personal Trainer

Awards / Certifications

  • Physical Activity and Sports Administration Diploma (PASA) Mount Royal College - 2000
  • Personal Fitness Training Certificate - (PFT) Mount Royal College - 2001
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association - (NSCA-CPT) - 2004
  • Can Fit Pro - Personal Training Specialist (PTS) - 2002
  • AFLCA - Resistance Training 2002




"White Chocolate Brownie Protein. I mix it in my daily smoothies for my post workout snack. I also take some with me when I am out and about doing errands to hold me over. It’s super tasty and fulfilling protein for me and I feel great about it knowing it’s clean! I also love to use BCAA as they help me big time with my muscle recovery and energy. I feel like my soreness is reduced big time from my workouts. I’ll have some of my BCAA with my smoothie to aid my body in recovery after a challenging gym session!"

Jeff Lindstrom is a Personal Trainer with over 16 years of experience in the fitness industry. He has been involved, since a child, in various sports before finding his passion for weight lifting at the age of 12. Jeff knew going into high school that he wanted to be a trainer and involved in the industry. The thought of having a positive influence and assisting people in getting healthier and feeling better about themselves drove his determination and passion.