Holly Weselowski




Height: 5’4

Weight: 120 on stage – 135 off stage

Biography/Background: I am 26 years old and I live in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. I have been an athlete my entire life, which mostly consisted of cross country running, track events and road races of longer distances. I have always enjoyed challenging myself, as I am a very competitive and ambitious person. I hired a trainer in the summer or 2013 to push me to new levels and improve my 5km time. I was determined to shed minutes off my previous 5k races and thought it was time to make a lifestyle change. I began to lift weights three times a week and performed cardio based training two days a week to help with speed and recovery times. I was pleased when my 5k time had gone from a lousy 30 minute finish to a 20 minute finish. I started to understand that nutrition and physical activity was the key to my success and decided to take on a much larger goal: competing.

Although competing had always crossed my mind in previous years I had never thought that it was possible for me to take on such a challenge. Training became a place where I could de-stress; I felt strong and in control of my life finally. Nutritional advice and small changes made to my diet fueled my training and facilitated growth and development at a fast pace. My 149 pound body soon was shrinking to a small 125 but consisted of lean muscle mass and a lower body fat percentage. In my preparation for my first bikini/fitness model competition I made personal bests weekly. These small accomplishments were the encouragement I needed on a regular basis to keep going and endure competition prep in a positive and energetic fashion. I was thrilled when I placed 14th at my first Novice show event as I had always thought that I was just ‘lucky’ to have made it to the finish line. I was shocked when the diet progressed quickly leaving me with a leaner physique for my UFE show in Calgary which landed me a 4th place spot qualifying me to attend the UFE Worlds Championship in Toronto, November 9th, 2014. Finally, my provincial show held in Saskatchewan allowed me to place 5th overall in my category. Throughout the experience it was clear to me that this sport was for me and that I certainly would be competing again in the future. I decided to build and train hard over the summer so I could attend the Saskatoon SABBA event November 1st, 2014 as this seemed to be a great opportunity to prepare for a National event. I was able to place 1st in the bikini category, a huge accomplishment considering I knew I was bringing a leaner, more prepped physique for the upcoming UFE National event. Being one of the only athletes from my province going to this major event humbled me and pushed me to train hard and follow my eating plan as precisely as possible. There was no doubt in my mind that I would be bringing a more solid physique to stage as I had been dieting, training and posing with a wide variety of professionals, allowing me to gain knowledge and expertise about the sport. I have worked closely with many individuals for nutritional, stage presentation and training regimes. I placed 2nd in the morning Elite Division in both the Bikini and Fitness Model Divisions earning me my Pro Card for UFE. I was then entered into the Pro Show for the evening proportion of the Worlds Championship, which housed athletes from not only Canada but also the United States, Australia and Europe. I was awarded 1st place in the Bikini Division against a new set of athletes (all of which were Pro level) granting me the World Champion in Bikini. I was then awarded 3rd place in the Pro Division in the Fitness model category. I will be competing again at the World Championship and defending my title at UFE this coming November. I will be going down a different path in 2016 where I will be investing my time in the Mrs. Canada competition that will be coming to Regina, SK. I recently graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with my Bachelors in Nursing and also work as a paramedic full time when I am not training twice a day and prepping for contest shows. I love health care as it directly relates to the sport I am passionate about. I am not only an athlete and a health care professional but also an event director for UFE shows. I held one of the most successful UFE shows here in my own province combining those efforts by also hosting the largest Fitness Expo to come to the province.

Awards: I won 1st place at the SABBA Halloween showdown in November 2014. At the UFE World Championship I won 1st place in the pro division landing me the World Bikini title, I also won my pro card in the Fitness Model Division.

Favorite DYNAMIS Products (also include when you use them and why you like them):
My favorite product would have to be the white chocolate protein powder. I love to have it before I workout mixed into yogurt and topped with multiple fruits and almonds!

Education/Certifications: I am a registered nurse as well as a paramedic

Other Interesting Facts:

I am the show promoter of UFE Invasion which takes place in Saskatoon SK (@ufeinvasion). I am also competing in Mrs. Canada this coming spring! I am happily married and enjoy camping in my off time!

Facebook Page: Holly Weselowski Ufe Pro

Instagram: @holly_legge




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