Duane DeJager

Height: 5'6"          Weight: 160 lbs (contest) 180 lbs (off-season)

Duane grew up playing a variety of sports his entire youth. Excelling in both Baseball and Football at the highest caliber for his age group and earning invitations to play college sports in the US. Carrying his desire of sports and athletics into his post secondary years Duane studied Physical Education and Kinesiology where he formed a passion around fitness, nutrition and bodybuilding.

Duane continued his education and career into teaching High School Physical Education. It wasn’t until January 2010 when he decided to take his healthy lifestyle to the next level and started training for his first contest. Hiring a qualified and competent coach Duane stepped on the bodybuilding stage in October 2010. Competing in both Open and Masters in two different federations Duane earned 4 – 1st Place finishes and was immediately hooked into the sport of bodybuilding. Shortly afterwards Duane signed on with Dynamis Sports Nutrition and was Dynamis’ first sponsored athlete.

Years following his first bodybuilding contest Duane earned Bodybuilding Pro Cards in three drug free federations in both Canada and USA. Duane’s bodybuilding Pro debut wasn’t until July 2013 stepping on the Pro stage in Toronto, Canada earning a 3rd place finish. Duane is also a qualified contest judge and has travelled to a number of cities in both Canada and USA to judge in the sport of drug free athletics (Bikini, Fitness, Figure, Physique & Bodybuilding).

Duane owns and operates his fitness and coaching business - FitPro Consulting Ltd providing body transformation guidance in exercise prescription and nutrition counseling to both competitive and non-competitive clients across Canada. Duane continues to live a competitive bodybuilder lifestyle and is looking to compete on the Master’s Pro stage in the near future.

Website: www.FitPro-Consulting.com



Favourite Supplements

DYNAMIS AMINOpulse is a powerful amino acid supplement that I add to my training arsenal to increase strength & endurance, speed recovery, reduce fatigue, and prevent muscle soreness. I appreciate the science and the effort put into designing this sport supplement. The formulation of the BCAAs in AMINOpulse works in 4 ways, they are anticatabolic which prevents muscle from being broken down. They act as an anabolic stimulant - to stimulate muscle growth. They stimulate fat burning, which is a key property of BCAAs and finally they reduce muscle soreness allowing me to train at maximum capacity week in week out.

After every training session I use DYNAMIS REFUEL s6k to build lean muscle, replenish glycogen stores, and decrease recovery time needed. REFUEL is a high quality grass-fed whey protein which provides a clean protein source to help repair muscle after my training. I prefer DYNAMIS REFUEL s6k because of the following attributes in the product: