Rebranding Update

Our launch is right around the corner so we wanted to update you on some of the exciting changes that are coming up to our pricing, shipping, and Dynamis points program! Check out the information below and get ready for our pre-sale this Friday, April 27th with orders shipping by May 4th!

New Pricing & Discount Codes

Since our inception in 2009 our strength has been our online store in providing our high quality supplements directly to you. As part of our current rebranding we have greatly increased our manufacturing volumes to address recurring inventory issues we've had in the past. While we've kept our product formulas and quality the same, increasing our production volumes also decreases our cost to make each product and we are passing this discount along to you! Our company vision is to create this highest quality products to enhance your life and performance, making our products as accessible as possible to our customers is part of this vision. We are very pleased to release our new pricing:

  • Ignition xT - $49.99
  • Refuel s6k 2 lbs - $49.99
  • Refuel s6k 5 lbs - $99.99 (1 lbs free vs. 2 lbs pricing)
  • Aminopulse - $39.99 on old stock to make room for a new launch later this year!

While this achieves our goal to make all products as accessible as possible to all customers, we will be changing our athlete discount codes from 15% off to 10% off. This allows us to continue to offer our loyal repeat customers a discount while making our products easily accessible for those who are trying Dynamis for the first time!

Free Shipping

We will be offering free expedited shipping across Canada on all orders over $75 (after discount applied, before taxes) while flat rate shipping of $9.99 will be applied to all orders under $75. Be sure to take advantage of the free shipping by purchasing more than 1 product or a larger size product such as our 5 lbs Refuel s6k! 

International shipping is a flat rate of $29.99 on all orders under $300, orders over $300 are eligible for free international tracked shipping. 

Changes to Dynamis Points Program

We updated the Dynamis Points program to be more rewarding for you! In addition to reducing thresholds to redeem points, we have added new ways for you to earn by reviewing your purchase or referring friends! Check out the table below for the most recent changes. Don't worry, you don't need to do anything to switch over to the new system and your previous points balance was not changed. Click the green "Earn & Redeem Dynamis Points" button in the bottom left corner to check your balance or sign up today!

 How to earn Dynamis Points
How to Earn Old Program New Program
Purchase 2 Points / $1 Spent 2 Points / $1 Spent
Account Signup 500 100 
Like Facebook Page 75 
Product Review 500
Refer a Friend 500
How to redeem Dynamis Points
Coupon Old Program New Program
Free Shipping 100
$5 Off 500 250
10% Off 500
$20 Off 1000 ($15) 950
25% Off 1500
$50 Off 2750 2000
30% Off 3000
$100 Off