REFUEL s6k 5lbs Now Available!

Big news for all of the REFUEL s6k lovers out there...We now have a 5lbs size of REFUEL s6k White Chocolate Brownie flavour available exclusively on the DYNAMIS store! If you are looking for more gains at a better price then this new size is perfect for you! 

With the same amazing taste and formula, the new 5 lbs tub of REFUEL s6k contains 75 scoops (30 grams each) compared to 30 scoops in the 2 lbs tubs. Not only do you get more protein, but also more savings...Since we get better pricing for a higher volume of protein so we are passing this deal onto you so you can save more on your protein! The new 5 lbs size of REFUEL s6k costs $5 less per lbs compared to the 2 lbs, so what are you waiting for? Get more #GainsandGlory today with REFUEL s6k White Chocolate Brownie 5lbs tubs!