High Protein Gluten-Free French Toast

By: Brian Mark, WBFF Pro, DYNAMIS Athlete & Trainer

I've been prepping for my WBFF show for the last 16 weeks using flexible dieting. Yeah, it's been a hard cut, but, the good news is that I have the freedom to fit the foods that I want into my diet! Instead of eating just "chicken and broccoli," the typical bro diet, I've been able to be creative with how I'm choosing my macronutrients.

Macronutrients are Protein, Carbs, and Fats, and they make up everything that you eat from your soda pop to your steak. Knowing how much protien, carbs, and fats that you are supposed to eat on a daily basis to hit your fitness goals, allows you to fit foods that you want to eat into those macronutrients, and be flexible in your dieting approach.

So! I was on Pinterest last night and I was CRAVING some sweet foods. Using flexible dieting how could I be creative and curb my sweet tooth and not compromise on my diet? Ahhhh... there it is. I saw a picture of French Toast and I pieced together a creative recipe in this sly little brain of mine.

Without further ado... bring on the toast!

Ingredients for the Best French Toast Ever:

Directions to Cook and Smash the Best French Toast Ever:
  1. Heat the stovetop up on Medium - High heat. Spray a frying pan with cooking spray
  2. In a small bowl mix together 2 TBSP PB2, 1/2 Scoop of DYNAMIS Protein and 2 TBSP Unsweetened Cashew or Almond Milk
  3. Spread half of the delicious mixture on a slice of bread
  4. Slice up a banana on top of the mixture
  5. Cover the bananas with the other half of the delicious PB2 Protein Mixture
  6. Close the sandwich and place in the frying pan. Cover and let cook for 1 minute - 1:30. Flip the sandwich. Cover again. Let cook for 1:30
  7. Take out, Slice down the middle with a steak knife (butter knife will ruin the sandwich!!!!!) Drizzle Walden Farms Zero Calorie Maple Syrup on top.

... and then SMASH THE SANDWICH! Down it. Eat it. Enjoy it. You deserve it.

By: Brian Mark, WBFF Pro & DYNAMIS Athlete

Macronutrient Breakdown:

294 Calories

5 Grams of Fat

14 Grams of Protein

55 Grams of Carbs