Fuel Pre-Workout Berry Sorbet

FUEL your gains with sorbet!! Take your workout to the next level with FUEL xRm™ Pre-Workout in the form of a citrus berry sorbet...This ain't your mama's homemade sorbet, this is sorbet full of Gains & Glory!


  • 1\2 cup baking stevia
  • 1\2 cup of water 
  • 21\2 of berry puree (blend frozen berries with a bit of water to make a smooth puree)
  • 1 scoop of FUEL xRm Pre-Workout Performance Compound in 1/4 cup of water
  • 1/4 cup of honey


  • Boil water and sugar until sugar is fully dissolved to make a simple syrup, set aside and let fully cool.
  • Blend the frozen berries into a smooth puree (you need about 2 1\2 cups of puree) 
  • Add Fuel mix and honey to berry puree and mix completely
  • Add in the cooled down simple syrup and mix completely 
  • Now add to your ice cream machine and turn on for about 25 min or, put mix into a freezer tight container and freeze for a couple hours or until you have the consistency (softer or firmer) desired. 

Add a topping like fresh berries if you like and enjoy!!! Sorbet with a kick to FUEL your workout and gains!

Jenny Meyers, DYNAMIS Fit Chef
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