Salmon Dinner for Summer Nights!

Flax dill crusted salmon with poppy seed sweet onion asparagus and a coconut oil cinnamon sweet potato chip, a great recipes for summer nights!

For two fillets:

On a plate put:

    • 1/4 cup of brown rice flour
    • 2 table spoons of dry dill
    • 1 1/2 table spoon of flax seed
    • Mix together.
  1. In a bowl put 1/4 cup of egg whites, then dip salmon in and coat, let excess drop off then coat in flour mixture.
  2. Heat up bbq.
  3. Meanwhile coat asparagus in Renee's poppy seed dressing and put aside.
  4. Now cut a slice off a sweet potato and brush in melted coconut oil so coated then dust the top with cinnamon.
  5. Now place all on the bbq and cook on low until all cooked.
  6. Last step heat oven at 350 and In a shallow cooking pan put salmon in and drizzle organic veggie broth over just enough to bring some juice back into the salmon and bake for about 5 min. And let sit for 2 minutes.

We put a small amount of Renee's dill dressing on top of the salmon and a sprinkle of salt and pepper on all, enjoy!


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